CMD Innovations' Family of Breakthrough Tissue Health Products

CMD's amazing cushioning Low-G® brand products utilize military-grade science to increase blood oxygen levels and create positive conditions to maintain tissue health and integrity, reduce pain, and improve quality of life.

Simple to use, easy to maintain, and affordable.

Easy, practical solutions. 



"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Ben Franklin's advice is even more relevant now than when he first determined that it is easier to prevent a tragedy than fix it. He meant fire prevention, and we understand that so well that to build a house without flame retardant insulation is unthinkable. CMD wants to bring that kind of change to the world of skin and tissue health.

Most pressure sore products focus on treating existing wounds. What if your facility could address the conditions that lead to pressure sores in the first place?

What if your facility could save millions of dollars in unnecessary pressure sore treatment? 

What if your patients could enjoy a better quality of life, tissue integrity, and health?


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